Residential Storage Systems
Soltaro Battery produces innovative modular designing LFP storage modules for all types of installations: residential, commercial, industrial, and utility. Our 3KWH LFP module with intelligent BMS offering superior flexibility to build any size storage system and compatible with both low and high voltage inverter, and also enabled by more than two decades rich R&D experience accumulation into LFP technology, we can offer 10 years standard quality warranty for our LFP storage range. Backed by strong R&D capabilities and constant innovation practices, Soltaro provide stable, reliable, economical and environmentally adaptable LFP storage product solutions to satisfy the demands of customers around the globe. More...


More Yield, More Returns
- Lithium iron phosphate technology, more reliable and safe
- 10,000 cycles(90%DOD), superior running life-span
- Flexible Capacity scalibility from 3KWH to 3MWH
- Intelligent BMS, suitable for both low and high voltage inverter
- High temperature tolerance up to 55 degree
- Flexible system voltage configuration from 48V to 1000V
- Optional high C rate module-up to 10C continual discharge
Better Reliability,Stronger Guarantees
- Vertically integrated supply chain management (SCM) enabling consistent high quality under stringent control
- Facilities and management system audited and approved by several quality-rating organizations
- Meticulous design and rigorous quality control
- Designed and tested to withstands harsh environment
- Products verified and approved according to 20+ global quality standards
- 10-year workmanship warranty
- 15-year performance warranty
- Independent third-party performance insurance
More Choices, More Success
- Creative, innovative products portfolio providing tailor-made solutions to special needs; innovative products already launched in the market include the high C rate(up to 10C) charging and discharging LFP module, low temperature charging LFP module(-45 degree) etc.
- 24/7 globally based subsidiaries and local service teams provide fast response service
- Broad connections to worldwide financial institutions; worldwide bankability
- Technical and commercial data exchange providing more market opportunities


Soltaro Battery has been widely recognized as a trustworthy LFP battery product supplier by thousands of customers around the globe since its establishment. Based on more than 200MWHs of installations worldwide, in particular based on 50MWHs of Soltaro Battery power storage plant operation data, Soltaro Battery LFP module consistently out-perform products from peers in the industry and provide more reliable power output than system simulations.  more....


Soltaro Battery cares about our customers and, as a result, we have established a dedicated team, clear procedures, and various contact points covering different regions. With more than 20 subsidiaries or local offices around the world, Soltaro Battery provides convenient service to customers.
From introducing and recommending products through proposals, preparation of transaction documents, logistics assistance, and on-site service response, Soltaro Battery provides full service from .beginning to end. With more than 20 worldwide subsidiaries and local service teams, we provide professional and efficient response to all customer requests. For residential PV system customers, services include:
- Solar storage business consultation
- Industry and company news subscription
- Product and service portfolio information and recommendations
- Cooperation proposal development
- Transaction assistance and status updates
- Logistics status tracking
- Installation technical assistance
- Warranty and insurance registration
- After-sales needs
- Other needed services
  • First Battery

    SOLTARO Battery, with multi-international capital from China, Australia and Switzerland, focus on LFP/NMC technology basic research and completed ESS R&D and production for more two decades, and our LFP battery are known for 10,000 cycles(90% DOD) superior life-span with 10 years standard quality warranty, and currently SOLTARO has built a fully integrated production line from LFP/NMC raw materials, to LFP/NMC cells, to LFP/NMC pack(BMS) and completed ESS with 1GWH annual production capacity.

    Enabled by SOLTARO's 1GWHs large scale production capacity and two decades rich R&D experiences accumulation , we're always working hard to cut the cost bottom-border for Lithium-ion battery, and in our belief, the storage market can only be booming when the Li-ion battery cost targeting the extra-limit like PV from every beginning.


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