Advanced Experience

Soltaro Battery creatively combines vertically integrated Lithium-ion battery production capabilities with horizontally integrated power plant storage solutions capabilities to provide not only world-class Lithium-ion battery products to global partners, including installers, integrators, and distributors but also smart energy storage solutions to storage system customers such as EPC companies, project developers, commercial and industrial users, utility companies, IPPs, energy investors, and offtakers.
More than 20 years basic research in Lithium-ion raw materials with more than Ten years' LFP Cells, Pack, and ESS production experience has developed state-of-art Lithium-ion battery products and achieved thousands of successful worldwide references. Creatively developed smart solar energy storage solutions for wide range of applications like Improving the power quality, Frequency Regulation, Peak Shaving, Meet short falls, Smooth renewable power output etc., which are consistently turning system synergy among horizontally-integrated smart solutions into return for users and investors around the world.
Customer satisfaction constantly drives Soltaro Battery towards excellence. Providing more powerful Lithium-ion battery products and smarter energy storage solutions is Soltaro Battery's commitment.
Residential Storage Systems
Residential Storage Systems
Soltaro LFP Battery is trusted by hundreds of by thousands of homeowners worldwide because its flexible LFP storage products successfully increase the power independence, save money on electricity bills, and decrease the carbon footprint. Soltaro Battery provides customers with a rich product portfolio and one-stop consulting services to help homeowners realize their independent power consumption dreams.
Commercial Energy Systems
Commercial Energy Systems
Soltaro Battery have helped commercial and industrial users worldwide to show their commitment to wide range of applications like improving the power quality, frequency regulation, peak shaving, meet short falls and controlling their electricity bills if combined with renewable energy generation. Given nearly decades of LFP battery manufacturing knowledge and EPC experiences, Soltaro Battery is adept at providing modularized LFP storage system solutions or tailoring energy replacement storage solutions based on specific industrial customer needs. In more than 90 countries, including Germany, the UK, Italy, France, U.S., Japan, Australia, Israel, and Chile, Soltaro Battery LFP battery products and solutions have achieved the trust and recommendation of hundreds of local commercial power storage users.
  • First Battery

    SOLTARO Battery, with multi-international capital from China, Australia and Switzerland, focus on LFP/NMC technology basic research and completed ESS R&D and production for more two decades, and our LFP battery are known for 10,000 cycles(90% DOD) superior life-span with 10 years standard quality warranty, and currently SOLTARO has built a fully integrated production line from LFP/NMC raw materials, to LFP/NMC cells, to LFP/NMC pack(BMS) and completed ESS with 1GWH annual production capacity.

    Enabled by SOLTARO's 1GWHs large scale production capacity and two decades rich R&D experiences accumulation , we're always working hard to cut the cost bottom-border for Lithium-ion battery, and in our belief, the storage market can only be booming when the Li-ion battery cost targeting the extra-limit like PV from every beginning.


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